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Mr. Everett & Mrs. Yenner said: We were introduced to Brian quite by accident in 2012. The accident involve water leakage into our utility room from the upstairs condo. We are grateful to the condo's owner for employing Brian to repair the damage. After the repairs the room looked better than new. We then contracted with Brian on several other occasions to do work within our condo when improvements were needed. He listened to what we wanted done and made a number of suggestions to improve upon our ideas. Again he did an outstanding job. Let us just say that Brian has the overall ability and knowledge to know what has to be done to make things better. He is also very conscientious about the safety of the occupants and their pets while he is working in your home.



Mr. and Mrs. Morris said: We recently had Brian tear down an existing deck and build a new from the ground up. After speaking with several local contractors we are pleased that we selected Brian. He is very thorough and clearly knowledgeable, owing to his experience and dedication to the craft. We had several problems arise in the new build, some minor and a couple rather large. Brian was able to identify these issues and thoroughly explain our options while minimizing any additional burden to us. He cares about the homeowner and sees that the project is done right. Brian and his coworker Ryan were professional, courteous and at all times personable towards myself and my family. Over a three-week period my two-year-old went from standoffish to looking forward to seeing them each morning. I have no problem recommending Brian for home repairs large or small from experience.



Mr. Mitchell said: "Brian brings expertise and integrity to his work. We've contracted him for work throughout the house, from bathroom to crawlspace to attic and elsewhere. He takes great care with his work and comes up with creative solutions. A good man." ________________________________________________________________________

Mr. and Mrs. Little said: "Thank you for the job well done! Very happy with the result."


Mr. and Mrs. Spurr said: "Much appreciation and thank you for such a great job on the bathrooms!"


Mr. and Mrs. Gale said: "Brian Tenney built a mini-library for us in our condominium, and we are delighted with it. We were especially impressed with Brian’s attention to detail and his refusal to take any short cuts.   This meticulousness showed in all  aspects of the job, from his craftsmanship (and he is a genuine craftsman) to his punctuality and the impeccable state in which he left our place at the end of each day for two weeks There is no doubt that we shall be asking Brian to do more work for us."


Mr. and Mrs. Bligh said: "Friends of ours from down the street had recommended Brian after some work he'd done in their home.  We needed to have drywall work done and Brian did an outstanding job.  First of all, he is extremely friendly, polite, and professional.  My wife was home with my two young children for most of this project, and I had zero concerns about having him working in our family room with them.  He was meticulous about isolating the work area. He also discovered several issues, studs were damaged and that there was a gap along the entire top of the fireplace - which presented a safety issue as well.  Brian made the corrections and repairs. After that, it was pretty straightforward - new insulation, drywall up, spackling, and the job was done.  I should add that Brian also carefully removed our existing crown molding and replaced it once the wall was back up.  Also worth adding that Brian wet-sands, so dust outside the work area (or even really in the work area) wasn't a problem.  Brian is also very interested in having the customer understand how and why he's doing what he's doing.  It may be a bit too much info for some people who "just want it fixed", but I found it really helpful.  He would let me know anytime he found something odd or interesting. He was meticulous about cleaning up the area each day.  While he was on-site, we had him give us estimates on a bunch of other jobs we've been considering, and he was equally thorough in his explanations and answering our questions.

This is the first job we've had done by a general contractor since we bought this house, and I will absolutely, without hesitation use him for any future projects, and recommend him to anybody who asks for advice on a reliable, professional contractor. He goes above and beyond to make things right."


Mr. and Mrs. Whalen said: "Brian did a great job installing customized access panelsHe put a lot of time and effort into the project. We were very happy with the results."


Mr. and Mrs. Gibbs said: "Brian you really exceeded my expectations on the crown molding and new floor. No way would I have received this quality of workmanship from the other well known company. You really did an outstanding job on my dining room floor and molding. This was more labor intensive than I possibly could have imagined. You did an outstanding job, I'll be in touch real soon."



Mr. and Mrs. Schwartz said: "I used Creative Ideas Carpentry By Brian Tenney to do some drywall because we had a leak. They were very thorough and careful. They did a good job. I will use them again."



Mr. Reukauf said: "Brian has completed 2 projects for me now. He and his help were a pleasure and courteous. My upstairs room remodel went better and turned out better than I could imagine. His skills are beyond compare. I can only tell you that the finished product is amazing!!!! The ideas he presented to me were not only helpful, but exceeded my thoughts. He will be coming back in my home as I would recommend him to anyone, even the most demanding perfectionist."


Mr. and Mrs. Everett said: "I was introduced to Brian Tenney quite by accident.  The accident involved water leakage into our utility room from the upstairs condo.  I am grateful to the condo's owner for hiring Brian to repair the damage.  After the repairs the room looks better than new.  I then contracted with Brian to do other work within our condo that needed improvements and again he did an outstanding job.  Let me just say that this man has the ability to know what has to be done in the way of carpentry and painting to make things better."



Mr. and Mrs. Kingham said: "Brian Tenney and his crew just completed the rebuilding of our double garage front. The original builder (1976) had used untreated lumber for the side posts.  Dry rot had set in and, coupled with a sagging header, the only way to properly affect a repair was to rebuild the garage front.  

I called on Brian because his previous work for us had been first-class.  He first worked for us in February 2011 when he rebuilt my workshop after it suffered a lot of water damage from an ice dam. Following that he installed a pull-down attic ladder in the house and then, in May of 2012, he built a new 500 sq ft deck at the back of our house.  
When work needs to be done to the house I prefer to use someone that has proven his worth and, from our positive experience, Brian is our "go-to guy".  He turns up when he says he'll turn up and, if there's going to be a delay; he always lets us know ahead of time. He is a construction perfectionist and doesn't cut corners."



Mr. & Mrs. Sabourin said: "I had an old iron, squeaky staircase removed and replaced with a new oak staircase that was built by Brian.  He did a beautiful job and it exceeded my expectations.  He had to build out the wall a little bit so that the staircase would fit better and the drywall job was so smooth and flawless.  He had to do some customization to get the wood parts to fit and it is so solid now and he stained the wood to match my existing hardwood floors.  He also added a handrail and used quality bronze fixtures, which makes it look very expensive and nice.  He gave me options for doing my own staining and painting to save money.  We decided to have him do the staining and my husband agreed to do the painting.  Overall very pleased with his work!"


Mrs. Gibbons said: "He did a wonderful, wonderful job. The overall experience was very pleasant. He did the work exactly as he said he would. He was very clean and there was no mess. He cleaned up. The repair was so good that you would not know that there was ever a hole there to begin with, and that’s not easy to do. I would definitely use him again in the future. I have a couple of projects I might talk to him about. I am really very pleased because I have had a lot of repairs of drywall done in the past but this is the first repair I have ever had where you can absolutely not tell that there was a hole. It looks like there never was a hole."



Mr. Peterson said: "I would recommend him highly. He is very professional and does the job right.  He does not take short cuts."


Mr. Lopez said: "Brian was great about squeezing the work in prior to the cabinet company's installation date, without sacrificing attention to detail.  The work was clean, efficient, and high quality.  Brian is very professional and strong communicator -- both on timing and making sure I understood approach and execution details.  It is clear my satisfaction was his utmost concern.  Needless to say, he will have more opportunities to handle our ongoing home improvement projects."


Mrs. McKenna said: "Brian was impressive from the start.  He returned phone calls, was punctual from the arrival to estimate the job, each day thereafter to complete the job, and was at the job site every day until it was completed. No "I have to do something else and won't be over today".  His estimate was specific and detailed. He pointed out some details needed in our job that we had not considered, just as installation of a header in a door replacement. We were just replacing the door, but the original structure did not have the header, and as it was in a weight bearing wall, installation of a header was indicated. He also took the extra step to insulate the heater duct/vent in a brick wall that was being reframed for sheetrock application: again, something not in the original structure but a good safety idea.  He prepped the work area every day and cleaned up every day before he left: important to us as the kitchen and dining areas were involved in the work site, and we needed, at a minimum, to use the kitchen on a daily basis.  The primary aspect of the job was installation of sheetrock in 3 ceiling areas and the final result is great. He did not walk our dogs, but he greeted them every day, and by day 3, they were running to say hello to him."


Mr. and Mrs. Frangicetto said: "I think he is highly competent. He did exactly what he said he would do and he did a great job. He was very easy to work with. He did a great job installing in a new ceiling in our family room and cleaned up when he was finished. We will hire Brian Tenney in the future."


Mr. Santry said: "Brian spent several days repairing our vaulted ceiling in the master bedroom which had cracked at all the joints in the drywall. Brian came every day, when he said he would, finished the job, when he said he would at a very fair price. Very hard to find in today's world. Great job. I will call again."


Mr. and Mrs. Leh said: "We were very impressed with your work. The new room looks great. Your follow-up and explanation of everything you were doing was excellent; you and your crew were very neat and always very professional. We have passed on your information to a number of our friends and will probably be in contact with you regarding a project in the summer."


Mr. and Mrs. Jones said: "Hello Brian, my wife and I are very happy with the repairs to my sheet rock at my home. Thanks for being there, on the job every day from start to finish. Thanks again for a job well done."


Mr. and Mrs. Rose said: "Words cannot express our gratitude to Brian. He stepped in to help us when no one else would. Our new addition (permitted) needed to be gutted and rebuilt from structure, electric to plumbing. He kept us informed and kept the chaos to a minimum. Brian took a totally unsafe addition and made it into a beautiful, safe living area for our daughter and the rest of the family. He is an honest, talented builder who takes pride in his work. That’s hard to find. We recommend Brian to everyone and plan to use him again, in the future."


Mr. and Mrs. Lynn said: "Brian Tenney worked on my kitchen this past December. He removed paneling and brick, replaced studs, rewired the kitchen, and he removed and reinstalled cabinets and counters. I couldn't be more happy with Brian's work. He is thoughtful, courteous, and extremely good at what he does. I was even impressed with the way he kept the rest of the house as clean as humanly possible during the entire project. Brian's work is top notch, and I would highly recommend Brian for any type of carpentry job."


Mr. Lam said: "Thank you for doing such a wonderful job at my rental property. I really appreciate all your hard work and your attention to detail. You really do follow through!"


Mr. and Mrs. Wuelfing said: "The insulation you installed did the trick! So far this year (since August) my mom has only used less than a half a tank of oil. Amazing!"

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